Yukon Amateur Radio Association (YARA) header

YARA Directors and Committees 2022-22

Executive Committee:
President - Scott Williamson - VY1SW
Vice President - Ian Macdonald - VY1IRM
Secretary - Yuuri Daiku - VY1YU
Treasurer - James Cleary - VY1JC
Past President - Charlie Gale - VY1CC

Membership - Ian Macdonald - VY1IRM
Finance - Laura Williamson - VY1SW
Technical Advisor & BC Region - Jeff Stanhope - VA7JPS
Gord Settle - VY1GS

Emergency Preparedness Net:
Net Control Manager - Ray Fugard - VY1RF

Standing Committees and Projects:
AllStar - Charlie Gale, VY1CC
APRS - Charlie Gale, VY1CC
D-STAR - David McWhinnie, VY1DM
D-STAR - Rob Gillis, VY1DM
Echolink - Charlie Gale, VY1CC
Education, Training, Outreach - Yuuri Daiku, VY1YU
Emcomms Trailer Committee: Yurri VY1YU, Terry VY1MAP, George VY1GP
Emergency Comms Exercises (HF) - Yuuri Daiku, VY1YU
Emergency Comms Exercises (VHF) - Terry Hauff, VY1MAP
Equipment Manager - David Musselwhite, VY1XY
Field Day Organizer - Allen Wootton VY1KX
Event Volunteer Coordinator - Ray Fugard, VY1RF
IRLP - Charlie Gale, VY1CC
Facebook - Ray Fugard, VY1RF
Honorary Past President & Founding Member - Ron McFadyen, VE3XY
Member Presentations at Meetings - Allen Wootton, VY1KX
QSL Card Manager - Allen Wootton, VY1KX
Reflector/email list - David Musselwhite, VY1XY
Repeater Development and Maintenance - Scott Williamson VY1SW, Jeff Stanhope VA7JPS, Charlie Gale, VE3XCC
Repeater status page (from telemetry data) - Charlie Gale VE3XCC
Winlink Station - Scott Sheppard, VY1CO; George Privett, VY1GP; Allen Wootton, VY1KX
YARA Website - George Privett, VY1GP
Yukon Solutions (email group list for radio topics) - Charlie Gale, VE3XCC

Email Contact Information:
YARA President: Scott Williamson - VY1SW, email: swilliamson_at_northwestel.net
YARA Membership: Ian MacDonald, VY1IRM, email: ianrmacdonald_at_gmail.com
YARA reflector/email list: Yuuri Daiku, VY1YU
Yukon Solutions email group sign-up: Charlie Gale, VY1CC, email: charles_at_familygale.com
YARA Website: George Privett, VY1GP, email: glprivett_at_yahoo.com

YARA Mailing Address:
YARA, c/o
Box 2703, EMO
Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6