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YARA Administration

YARA Constitution and By-laws

YARA Handbook 2010 Table of Contents (pdf)
YARA Handbook 2010 and Appendices (Full handbook with appendices in zipped format)
e.g. Appendix: Nominating Committee (pdf document)

Yukon Societies Act and Regulations

Yukon Societies Act
Yukon Societies Regulations
Naming of Yukon Societies
2017 Ammedments to Regulations
Forms for Annual Filings (see section for Societies)

Member Participation at Meetings

Robert's Rules Basics - Youtube 2 minutes
The Basics of Making Motions - Youtube 3 minutes This talks about directors meetings, but it is the same for all meetings.
Note: There are several more Youtube tutorials in this topic area.

Roberts Rules of Order - 2-page Cheat Sheet
Roberts Rules of Order - 5-page Overview
Roberts Rules of Order - full document

YARA Files

Many YARA files, minutes and other documents are available on the members' private YARA page. This requires a log-in name and password.

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