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YARA Administration

YARA Handbook 2010 Contents (pdf)
YARA Handbook 2010 and Appendices (Full handbook with appendices in zipped format)
e.g. Appendix: Nominating Committee (pdf document)

Constitution and By-laws

Member Participation at Meetings

Robert's Rules Basics - Youtube 2 minutes
The Basics of Making Motions - Youtube 3 minutes This talks about directors meetings, but it is the same for all meetings.
Note: There are several more Youtube tutorials in this topic area.

Roberts Rules of Order - 2-page Cheat Sheet
Roberts Rules of Order - 5-page Overview
Roberts Rules of Order - full document

YARA Files

YARA's files on Yahoo Group Yukon Amateur Radio (Sign-up Required)

YARA Files - Passwords May be required

Note: this was a test for a couple of years. No decisions were made.

YARA MINUTES October 8, 2013 Sample (pdf) - no password required
YARA MINUTES November 4, 2013 Sample (pdf) - no password required

This section was a test for a couple of years - access is no longer granted.

Minutes of Meetings Password required
For now: Username: "VY1ABC"; Password: "yara"

Course Materials Password Required
Username: "VY1ABC"; Password: "yara"

MOUs, Contracts, Letters of Understanding Password Required

Technical Files Password Required

Username for legal and technical files: "VY1GP"; Password: "test"