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YARA Homebrew Projects 

YARA Members are avid home brewers. Below are a few projects: (click on small pictures)

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VY1RF RAY: DSTAR Pi Zero Hotspot kit

Dec 15, 2019

Coax Switch    Coax Switch    Coax Switch    Coax Switch

VY1FC Malcolm: QRP Rig, Slinky Antenna

Fall 2019

Coax Switch    Coax Switch    Coax Switch    Coax Switch

VY1MT Michael, Straight Key

March 2018

Coax Switch

VY1GP George, Straight Key

February 2018 - The key is make from an aluminum can tab, and fastened to a Pixie 2. Made for the YARA Pixie 2 kit-building workshop.

Coax Switch    Coax Switch

VY1BG Geoff, 4 way coax switch

Nov 2017 - The switch was salvaged from a Fisher linear amp 1960 -- 1970 era

Coax Switch    Coax Switch    Coax Switch

VY1MK Mark, 2m and 70 cm

Oct 2016 - 2 X dual band and 3 VHF jpoles up. Single coax and loads up almost perfect on both 144/440

Flagpole Antenna    Flagpole Antenna

VY1GP George, Flag Pole Antenna

Oct 2016 - References: Youtube - Flag Pole Antenna Project, Force 12 flag pole antenna - check the RF charts and video.
Constructed of 2 10-foot alumiumn downspout, 1 piece of plastic downspout (Home Harware) and a few bits of coax, wire and screws. SGC tuner is at the base of the antenna for 80-10m.

Flagpole Antenna    Flagpole Antenna    Flagpole Antenna


Sept 2016 Mark built a new multi-band antenna for activation of National Parks on the Air (NOTA) at the Summit on the US/Can border. His antenna design comprised a home-brew buddipole and two wire dipoles.




VY1YU Yuuri, 2m J-pole

Homebrew 2m J-pole [buddi-pole components] (click on small pictures)

Tried to build a bottom-fed J-type antenna for 2m, using various buddipole elements, but the shortest elements are just a bit to long to get it to be resonant on the 2m band. So I designed my own pseudo-J antenna with a parasitic element that helps shift the feedpoint impedance to where I want it (near 50 Ohm resistive).

Three pictures show the mechanical structure and three show the results of a sweep: you can see that the SWR is pretty low across the whole of the 2m band. The three sweep images differ only in where I marked apparent antenna resonances (two of which fall inside the band).

j-pole j-pole j-pole

SWR Charts

VY1BG Geoff

Homebrew Solar Tracker (click on small pictures)
Solar Tracker Solar Tracker Solar Tracker Solar Tracker

VY1MK Mark

Homebrew tuner (click on small pictures)
Mark1 Mark1 Mark1 Mark1 Mark1 Mark1

VY1MK Mark

Dummy load and antenna switch (click on small pictures)
Mark2 Mark2 Mark2 Mark2

VY1MK Mark

Franken Antenna (click on small pictures)
Mark3 Mark3 Mark3 Mark3