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Name Callsign QRZ link (optional)
Alan Wootton VY1KX
Bob Melanson VY1MB
Brenda Matson VY1JL
Catherine Ziegler VY1CSZ
Charlie Gale VY1CC
Colin Graham VY1WTF
David Gillis VY1NS
David McWhinnie VY1DM
David Musselwhite VY1XY https://www.qrz.com/db/VY1XY
Dean Thomas VY1CQ
Doug Watts VY1DW
Elizabeth Hargreaves VY1EH
Geoff Grant VY1BG
George Kokyuro VY1GK
George Privett VY1GP https://www.qrz.com/db/VY1GP
Hugh Henderson VY1HH
Ian MacDonald VY1IRM
James Cleary VY1JC
John Brooks VY1JY
Laura Williamson VY1LW
Lois Gillis VY1LG
Louis-Phillippe Roy VY1LPR
Mark Bowers VY1MAB
Martin Eckervogt VY1YT
Maurice Goguen VY1MG
Michael Thessel VY1MT
Murray Adams VY1MA
Oliver Halickman VY1OH
Pam Buckway VY1PJB
Pat Moore AL7L
Paul Brisley VY1PB
Ray Fugard VY1RF
Richard Welsh VY1WUD
Robert (Bob) Thornett VY1BT
Ron McFadyen VY1RM https://www.qrz.com/db/VY1RM
Sandi Thornett Associate
Scott Sheppard VY1CO
Scott Williamson VY1SW http://qrz.com/db/VY1SW
Shannon Moffat VY1SM
Sylvia Musselwhite VY1SR
Terry Hauff VY1MAP
Terry Maher VY1AK
Tyson Schulz VY1SLZ
Yuuri Daiku VY1YU

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