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YARA - Comms Trailer YARA - Comms Trailer
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This page is a progress report on the Policy and Operations of the YARA Comms Trailer and other features of the Comms Trailer

YARA Comms Trailer Calendar
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Trailer Photo Album - During the Construction Phase, April 2021 to June 2022

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Interim Report on YARA Laptop and Radios - Nov 2022

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Internet Down or Operating Off-line in the Future ?
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Policy and Operations Manual

The Policy and Operations Manual drafts and Operation Reference Guides have been prepared by VY1SW, VY1GP and VY1GS. Other members who offered to proof the drafts, edit and provide recommendations are: VY1DM, VY1GS, VY1MAP, V1YYU and VA7JPS.

Policy and Operations Manual - current draft
Comms Trailer Policy and Operation Manual.pdf

Appendices - current drafts
List of Authorized Users
Comms Trailer Operations Log
Hauling the Comms Trailer
Generator-Light Tower Trailer Operations
Radios, Laptops and Software
Functions of the APRS in the Communications Trailer

Operation Reference Guides - Trailer Components

Trailer Planning and Design - 8 pages
Royal Cargo Trailer - 37 pages
Equalizer Hitch - 7 pages
Ladder - 4 pages
Entry Hand Rail - 2 pages
Roof Vent Fan - 53 pages
Trailer Operations Desk - 4 pages
Workbench Cabinet - 12 pages
Workbench Drawer - 9 pages

Operation Reference Guides - Power Systems

Power Systems Overview - 2 pages
RIGRunner 4004-4012 - 8 pages
RIGRunner 8012 - 6 pages
Battery Monitor - 11 pages
Solar Regulator - 29 pages
Solar Panels - 30 pages
Charger-Converter - 5 pages
Power Inverter - 25 pages
Generator Trailer Kubota Engine - 27 pages

Operation Reference Guides - Test Equipment

Agilent Technologies E4406A VSA Series Transmitter Tester - 197 pages
HP 8924C CDMA Mobile Station Test Set Application Guide - 359 pages
HP 8924C CDMA Mobile Station Test Set Reference Guide - 469 pages
Youtube - Spectrum Analyzer Basics (part 1) -15 minutes
Youtube - Spectrum Analyzer Basics (part 2) -13 minutes

Operation Reference Guides - Radio Systems

Roof Antenna Plan - 2 pages
Diamond SG-7000 Antenna - 1 page
Diamond SG-7900 Antenna - 1 page
Scorpion Screwdriver Antenna - 11 pages
APRS Operations Reference Guide - 14 pages
Icom ID-5100 Basic Manual - 108 pages
Icom ID-5100 Full Manual - 388 pages
Icom ID-5100 Menu Setup - 2 Pages
Icom ID-1 Manual - 124 pages
Icom ID-1_Addendum - 1 page
Kenwood TS-590S Manual (Not TS-590SG) - 92 pages
Kenwood TS-590S Menu Setup - 7 pages
Difference between TS-590s and TS590SG
Yaesu FT-890 Manual- 47 pages
Icom IC-735 Manual - 51 pages
Kennwood TS-50S TXRX Manual - 61 pages
Kennwood TS-50 ATU Manual - 21 pages
Kennwood TS-50 Interface Connector - 3 pages
Kennwood TS-50 ATU Service Manual - 30 pages
Kennwood TK-780 Manual - 20 pages
Hammond Tuner AT-1500_Manual - 4 pages
ICOM SP-23 external speaker Manual - 2 pages
Yaesu FT-891 Operating Manual - 36 pages
Yaesu FT-891 Menu Settings.pdf - 4 pages
Kenwood TM-D710G Quick Reference.pdf - 1 page
Kenwood TM-710AE Manual.pdf - 77 pages
Kenwood TM-710AE with APRS and Echolink.pdf - 100 pages

Operation Reference Guides - Laptops, Software, and Accessories

Checklist - Radios, Laptop, Software
WSJT-X 2.0 User Guide
FT8 – The Basics Explained
What is FT8 & WSJT-X & how do I get started
How to Download, Install and Configure Winlink Express
Winlink Express Tutorial
Winlink Frequencies - also see on desktop of laptop
fldigi beginner's guide
SDR-Console-Quick Guide Tips
SDR-Console-Connecting to an External Radio
MFJ-1708B-SDR Switch Manual
N1MM Logger+Documentation - 747 pages
Pansonic CF-31 Laptop - 34 pages
Fujitsu Laptop Model
Fujitsu Operating Manual - 94 pages

Sending email via HF Winlink
Setup SDR panadapter with the MFJ 1708SDR switch & SDR Console
SDR Console Setup
Omni-Rig Explained

more to come ...

YARA Emergency Communications Plan - DRAFT (2019)

PDF Version (2019) - 43 pages Needs an update on the communications trailer and other items...
YARA Emergency Communications Web Page (2019)